SN POSTNATAL Documentation

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Go to dashboard > smart slider.

Select the slider to edit
eg: English slider
Click on edit > add slide > select image > choose upload files > select your image to upload
* You also can duplicate the slide and upload new picture and content 
* Image size (min) : 1520px x 632px 



For the content edit in slider.

Select the slider > click on the text and start edit


At the elementor > click on edit at about us title and u can see edit box on left panel.


Click on edit and start updating or add in new content. Follow the same steps up


Click on image edit and choose picture to upload. refer to video.

To edit packages > edit elementor > choose the packages and start edit at left panel.

For mobile version u have unhide in desktop first before edit.
click on hide section > advanced > unhide on desktop

Packages Gallery for desktop you can edit at dashboard > smart slider.

To edit view more at gallery u can find the at popup anything. Please find the right shortcode to edit.

Mobile Gallery 

*Note : For this packages section, edit have to done at

-desktop gallery at smart slider

-mobile gallery at photo slider

-view more at popup anything 

-packages content at elementor

For add new testimonial, you have go to add new testimonial.
Fill in the title(person name) and testimonial content. Also please set picture from right panel and update the page.


Click on edit on left panel u can edit at fields and for update email add u can go to Form settings at "Send to" and update to save your work.



Click on edit and edit in left panel text editor. Do the same to google maps if u want to change the location.